The Short of It:

Sunday mornings, 10 AM, at Youth Employment Partnership, 2300 International Blvd. Go through the front door, follow the signs through the front room (maybe picking up some coffee / fruit / pastries on the way), into the “middle room” where we gather for worship.

Every week includes: musical praise, Scripture readings, a sermon, and Communion (the Lord’s Table). Children have their own program after the opening praise time. Most dress casually.

We call our weekly worship service “Sacred Space.”  Once a month, usually the fourth Sunday, we have a “Celebration” service followed by an all-church lunch.  Celebration services are a bit longer and often feature testimonies.


The Long of It:

For many years we mostly met in small “Cell” groups on Sundays, and that was our main Sunday worship experience. Once a month we met in a combined “Celebration” service with all the Cells worshipping together.

In 2006 we began meeting all together every week. Reasons for this included: providing a better “front door” to visitors, consolidating our children’s program, and just seeing everyone more.   We had outgrown our own church site (2626 E. 16th St.), and also the Oak Park Tenant Activity Center next door to our church site. God provided the nearby Youth Employment Partnership site, where we currently meet.

YEP is where we gather to worship, trying to be close to the human condition, to the lives of everyone nearby: the homeless guy lying on the street; the refugees trying to adjust to a new setting; the immigrant families trying to make a living; the day laborers; the local small business entrepreneurs; the chain store/restaurant employees; the gangbangers, druggies, and streetwalkers; and all those others who somehow find themselves in this place, the Lower San Antonio District of Oakland, California, U.S.A. Here we bring our own needs and longings each Sunday, and receive God’s grace to serve and follow Jesus.

As a visitor, you are always welcome to just sit and observe.  While we usually take a moment to introduce visitors, that’s optional and you are welcome to stay anonymous.

What to wear to church? Whatever helps you worship. If it helps you to dress up as part of your self-offering to God, great. If dressing down works better for you as a “just as I am” offering, that’s great too. That being said, most folks dress casually.

Worship at New Hope includes weekly Communion, inviting all those who trust and follow Jesus to partake.

Cultural contextualization is an ongoing theme in our church’s journey and worship life. Our members come from a wide range of ancestries, including many from a broad array of East Asian and Southeast Asian backgrounds. We believe that cultivating individual and shared “voices” in worship is an essential part of making a full and good self-offering of ourselves in worship.

New Hope observes the seasons and major feasts and holy days of the traditional Christian calendar, including Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter, and Pentecost. We have people from quite the range of Christian spiritualities and backgrounds, and we actively work at learning from each other.

Children and youth stay with everyone during the opening musical praise part of worship and an opening Scripture reading. They then go to their own program in a fully furnished children’s room for a lesson, activities, and craft time.